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About two weeks ago I got a call from the Team PokerStars Online manager. He was saying that I’ve done a good job, that he was happy he took me into the team but that he had decided that he won’t renew my contract for 2013. His reason for letting me go was that they … Read more

Tänkte bara visa lite hur det ser ut när jag spelar. Det blev lite fullt upp i videon ibland och i efterhand så håller jag inte med om alla kommentarer jag gjorde men hoppas att ni tycker den är sevärd

  • 18
  • Nov
  • 13:48

Zoom challenge update !!

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Zoom challenge update !!

Hey! I’ve really liked the challenge I’m doing so far. It has given me a lot more motivation towards poker and it’s been a very long time since I’ve been enyoing the game as much as I’ve done the past several days. I’m starting to believe that I need challenges to be able to put … Read more

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 15:59

ZooOoooOoOooom Challenge!!

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ZooOoooOoOooom Challenge!!

I’ve been a bit back and forth with poker this year. At the beginning of the year I was extremely excited to go for Elite, then found out how much more hard it was with the new VPP system, still tried for a while only to find out that it wouldn’t be worth it with … Read more

  • 30
  • Oct
  • 9:49

Biopsy update

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A few days ago I got a call from one of the doctors that did my biopsy a bit more than five weeks ago. He said that they couldnt find any reasons for why my liver values are so high. I’ve been dreading that I have some kind of chronic disesase so getting these news … Read more

  • 25
  • Sep
  • 18:46

Back to the micros =P

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A lot have happened since my last blogpost. After looking at around 10 different apartments and bidding on 3 of them I finally bought an aparment (with loans) that I’m really happy with. There was very few speculators on the apartment and I was lucky to be the only biddor which allowed me to buy … Read more

  • 19
  • Aug
  • 22:20

Done with NL 200

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Done with NL 200

After 18 days and 25 k hands playing NL 200 I’ve decided that I’m done playing it for the time being. It sucks that I didn’t finish my goal but it doesn’t feel worth it for the time being. The first thing that struck me when I started playing NL 200 was how much harder … Read more

New Team Online Video, Monthly Challenge

Team PokerStars Online has yet again produced an awesome video. This time featuring Grzegorz ”DaWarsaw” Mikielewicz. I met Greg along with most of the other Team Onine members at PCA in the Bahamas. He struck me as a very nice and down to earth kind of guy who was easy to have a very good … Read more

  • 03
  • Aug
  • 0:27

NL 200. So far so good

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NL 200. So far so good

I’m a bit suprised of how dry it seems to be at NL 200 FR. It will take some time getting used to not being able to open up as many tables as I want to playwithin a few minutes. I guess it’s not even close to be like those horror stories you hear from … Read more

Monthly Challenge: Move up!!

The month is soon coming to an end, it’s been a pretty solid month with a lot of chilling coaching and a bit of grinding. Next month I really feel like doing something out of the ordinary. I want to challenge myself again to bring some more excitement to the daily grind. I’ve decided that … Read more

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